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The Big Twelve

The pages contained here are for those who are serious about working the steps.

     You have made a decision, one of the most important decisions you will ever make.  The big book reminds us that if we are painstaking about this phase of our development, we will be amazed before we are half way through. 
     Many of us can tell you just how important the steps really are, but unless you get into action, you will never find out for yourself just how important.  Remember, if we are not going forward, we are falling backwards.  You are at a turning point, a crossroads.  Do you continue on?  Do you turn right or left on the cross path?  Take a good look before you move on, choose wisely.
     The cross path, right or left, looks the same, a whole lot of what you have come from, nothing of any value.  Although the path does not look like disaster, as far as the eye can see in either direction, it is just desert, no promise of a town or city, no real surety of water anywhere nearby, just a path, coming from seemingly nowhere and going seemingly nowhere.
     Ahead, the path goes into a valley.  In this valley there is a lot of action happening.  You can see smoke, bombs exploding, people running and fires burning.  Wounded souls are being carried off on strechers by caring individuals.  But as you look over the chaotic landscape, you see something in the distance. 
     On the far side of the valley there is a path that is going up the side of the hill, away from the fierce war.  Going up the hill are men and women, teens and the elderly, all ages of people marching up from the valley of battle.  They are marching up to the place of a new life and a new attitude.  It is the place called sobriety, the city of serenity. 
     For now, we must go into battle.  We must fight!  To run for us, means disaster, even death.  We have to face those things that have held us hostage, face the wreckage of our past.  We must look at where we have been and ask ourselves this question:  Do we wish to continue living life as we have known it? 
     If the answer is NO, then we must take the steps.  The steps require rigorous honesty.  Until we honestly look at our lives, our addictions and our past, we cannot recover.  We must peel the onion.  We've been at the very gates of Hell itself and now we must take these 12 steps to sobriety and serenity.  We must rescue others from the Hell of alcoholism and addiction.
     On these pages you will find the steps.  These steps are the steps that a lot of us use in AA and AFC.  People around the world are finding that there is a solution to this disease called alcoholism and addiction.
     If you wish to use these steps just copy and paste these to a word document.  If you cannot copy and paste, you can send an email to the link below.  May God bless you on this journey of sobriety and new life.

email me a step please (new email contact for 2007)

We won't regret the past or wish to shut the door on it.

Get into action!

Work the steps, call your sponsor, just don't take that first drink, call before you fall, if you don't think about it, you'll drink about it.