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The Big Twelve
Step 1
Step 2
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Step 12

Step 1

We admitted that we were powerless over alcohol, that our lives had become unmanageable



“We admitted we were powerless over alcohol/our addiction, that our lives had become unmanageable.”


Please answer the following questions honestly.


1.      Define what powerlessness means to you.


2.   How have alcohol and other drugs placed your life or the lives of others in jeopardy?


3.      What is it about your behavior that your spouse/family/friends object to the most?


4.      Describe specific examples of how you have tried to control your alcohol and/or other drug use.


5.      What happened when you could not control your alcohol and/or other drug use?


6.      Describe how your lack of control has caused you problems. 

A.     Physically

B.     Legally

C.     With your family

D.     Emotionally

E.      With friends

F.      Spiritually

G.     In your job 

H.     With success


7.      How has drinking/using affected your character?  Give specific examples of how alcohol/drugs have affected your honesty and values (i.e., doing things while drunk or loaded that you feel guilty about).


8.      Describe the difference between your temperament when you are sober and your temperament when you are using alcohol and/or other drugs.


9.      Often we would drink in times of stress or so that we would not experience the emotions we might be feeling.  Give a specific example of times when you have tried to escape these feelings through alcohol and/or other drug use.

A.     Anger

B.     Sadness

C.     Fear

D.     Loneliness

E.      Abandonment/rejection


10.  How has alcohol or drugs affected your work, homemaking, school?  (i.e., drinking or using at work, not doing chores because you’re wasted, etc.)



11.  How have you been preoccupied with drinking or drugs?  Give specific examples of times your mind was on drinking or using when it should have been on something else (i.e., making plans to get drunk or loaded when you should have done something else, etc.).


12.  If you do not quit drinking or using, where do you think your life is heading?


13.  Now that you have answered the previous questions, re-define what powerlessness means to you. 


14.  Define the difference between admittance and acceptance.


15.  Are you admitting or are you accepting that you are powerless over alcohol and/or other drug use?


16.  Explain how or why you are admitting or accepting your powerlessness.


17.  Name five things about yourself that cause you problems (i.e., feeling too tall or short, get angry quickly, etc.).


18.  List five examples of how you have had trouble with others.  If possible, do not use alcohol or drug related examples.  (i.e., arguing with spouse or a friend, can’t get along with a co-worker, etc.)


19.  Describe reaching your bottom.  Give specific details of events that led to you reaching your bottom.


20.  What convinced you that you can never again use alcohol and/or other drugs? 


21. Define what Powerlessness means to you.

Are you powerless yet?

Work the steps, call your sponsor, just don't take that first drink, call before you fall, if you don't think about it, you'll drink about it.